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Building a Better Robot

Ghost Written By Jaunty Jack

We have a complete frame with a ball shooter/climber in progress. We have not been able to test the ball shooter yet because the programmers are still making the code for the shooter and the climber. We have bumpers fitted for the frame but not complete. We have 2 out of 4 done so far. We have been using cad to make the 3d printable objects such as spacers, tube locks, and miniatures for imagery.

Our cad team is working on a model of the climber in inventor so our build team knows what dimensions and what spot to put the climber mechanism on the frame of the robot. We have wheels and are battery box welded together. We have not come up with a name for the robot but we have discussed several Viking names, historical names and a few others. Our imagery team is working on a Super Secret Project for the pit.

We went to a Chamber of Commerce rewards night and helped set the tone for their luau by flying floating fish. Somehow, we’ve even found time for a sponsor visit in the past week! It’s lucky we love talking about robots!

Building a Better Bot

January 8 saw the beginning of our 2022 Build Season. After an almost 2 year hiatus, it feels good to be designing a robot! By the 2 week mark, we had a working prototype of a ball handler, a frame designed in CAD, and some good ideas for a climbing mechanism. We have been graced with help from a couple OSU engineering graduate students, and their advice has been awesome.

The Scalawags at 2022 Kick Off. So exciting to be back at OSU receiving a new challenge with all our FIRST Force friends!
Mo is showing how a climber similar to one we used in 2020 might work with our ball handling prototype.
Paige is measuring twice before cutting once on frame pieces.
Brian helps Jackson get the ball handler into CAD.
Jeff, Emili, and Mo try out a mock up of the frame around the ball handler prototype.
Jo and Paige check out the new power distribution modules the team purchased this year. Much squealing and excitement was shared by all.

Annie’s First outing !!!

Our scrappy pirates traveled to our first competition played with our 2020 robot. Each of our members, new and veteran, got a chance to be on the drive team. Our goal was to get our new members experience with competition and prepared for the coming 2022 season. Some of our highlights:

We made it quarter finals with Wildcats & Flying Hedgehogs(paired teams) and Iron Mustangs!!!

The Scalawags were part of the first triple climb of the day!

We got to talk to new members on other teams and got in touch with some other team presidents.

S’More Scalawags

What is it about planning activities with solar power that brings overcast skies??? Jr Robotics in August was all about building solar ovens for s’mores. So, naturally, it was overcast and misty that day! Even when the team made the world’s largest solar oven the following week… the sun disappeared! Luckily, s’mores are almost as good raw as they are melted!

Many thanks to Conversion Brewing for donating personal pizza boxes to our Jr Robotics lesson!

Paddling through Girl Scout Camp

In early August, the Scalawags were able to complete one of our favorite forms of community service: teaching STEAM lessons to younger kids! We traveled to Girl Scout Day Camp and taught them about the energy stored in rubber bands. Working with about 60 girls in groups of ten, the Scalawags led them in building paddle boats. The best part, of course, was testing the finished product in the water!

National Night Out

At National Night Out we let kids drive the demonstration Robot Percy and we talked to family’s. Percy shot a couple t-shirts. The team did a lot a talking with the public. We got two checks one from the Lebanon Optimists and Dala Johnson wrote us a personal check. Dala also bought the students dinner, which we highly appreciated.

Scalawags invade Sportsman Holiday

Darling Doubloon, Ghost Writer

The scalawags went to the Sportsman Holiday parade in Sweet Home. We had parent help and two alumni and Percy. Two parents had electric scooters. For handouts we gave temporary tattoos and jolly ranchers. The group of people was fairly big. We felt the love from Sweet Home. Transporting the ship was mildly difficult but fun.


Darling Doubloon, Ghost Writer

The Scalawags earn money by having team carwashes and can drives. From the can drives we have earned $900 since April, which is enough for about five kids to go out of town for a weekend of competition. The car washes have been successful, and we really enjoy seeing the public and telling them what we do. Afterward, we usually get otter pops or ice cream, and some times even lemonade from our sponsor, North Santiam Coffee Company! We always appreciate the parents helping. We didn’t schedule a carwash for July, so there will probably be one in August.