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Building a Better Bot

January 8 saw the beginning of our 2022 Build Season. After an almost 2 year hiatus, it feels good to be designing a robot! By the 2 week mark, we had a working prototype of a ball handler, a frame designed in CAD, and some good ideas for a climbing mechanism. We have been graced with help from a couple OSU engineering graduate students, and their advice has been awesome.

The Scalawags at 2022 Kick Off. So exciting to be back at OSU receiving a new challenge with all our FIRST Force friends!
Mo is showing how a climber similar to one we used in 2020 might work with our ball handling prototype.
Paige is measuring twice before cutting once on frame pieces.
Brian helps Jackson get the ball handler into CAD.
Jeff, Emili, and Mo try out a mock up of the frame around the ball handler prototype.
Jo and Paige check out the new power distribution modules the team purchased this year. Much squealing and excitement was shared by all.