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Scalawags invade Sportsman Holiday

Darling Doubloon, Ghost Writer

The scalawags went to the Sportsman Holiday parade in Sweet Home. We had parent help and two alumni and Percy. Two parents had electric scooters. For handouts we gave temporary tattoos and jolly ranchers. The group of people was fairly big. We felt the love from Sweet Home. Transporting the ship was mildly difficult but fun.

Jr Robotics – January Meeting

Scalawags are pleased to announce the next meeting of our Jr Robotics crew. On Saturday, January 18, we invite students in grades 4-8 to join us from 9:30 – 11. We will be learning about the Scalawags’ 2020 challenge, coming up with our own solutions, and then visiting Team 1359 in their shop down the hall to see what solutions they have come up with.

We can be found in the 700s hall of Lebanon High School, room 724. This is the building at the back of campus, on 7th Street. Look for pirate flags in the parking lot!

November Junior Robotics!

With our new space crammed full but not yet organized, the Scalawags are proud to announce that our Junior Robotics program will resume business as usual. Our first meeting in our new space at the high school will be Saturday, November 23, from 9:30 to 11. 4th through 8th graders are invited to the small engines room in the 700s hall, which can be reached by driving around to the back of the school, where the staff parking lot is located. There will be lights on, a door propped open, and a pirate flag proudly waving. Returning students are encouraged to bring a friend! Don’t forget to come with close toed shoes, tied back hair, a good attitude, and no loose or flowing clothing!