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Build Season Begins

Ghost Written by Bucko Briiz and the Orange Man

This year, the game is “Crescendo.” We have to build a robot to pick up the game piece, which is an orange foam ring, called a note. The robot needs to be able to pick up the rings, which are scattered around the field or obtained from a human player. The human player then loads a game piece through a chute, dropping it on the floor or going directly into a robot. The robot then is to either launch it into the speaker or put it into the amp. The speaker is essentially the main goal, score points here by launching the ring into the opening. Place a note into the amp to “Amplify” the speaker, scoring extra points for a brief duration of time.

Now, what has the team been up to? Well, to start, after kick-off, we sat down as a team to begin brainstorming possible ideas for our robot. For the next few days, we continued brainstorming until we had a general idea for our robot. After we had our ideas, we broke off into subgroups to plan the different parts of the robot. Upon reaching a conclusion, we began prototyping. However, we were interrupted by a huge ice storm, costing us 24 hours that we could’ve been working in the shop. Luckily, half the team met in Zoom to plan what we would do after the ice melted. When we returned to the shop, we continued prototyping and started working on the base. We finished the base and made a functioning prototype of the shooter. We are still prototyping intake as of now.