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Building a Better Robot

Ghost Written By Jaunty Jack

We have a complete frame with a ball shooter/climber in progress. We have not been able to test the ball shooter yet because the programmers are still making the code for the shooter and the climber. We have bumpers fitted for the frame but not complete. We have 2 out of 4 done so far. We have been using cad to make the 3d printable objects such as spacers, tube locks, and miniatures for imagery.

Our cad team is working on a model of the climber in inventor so our build team knows what dimensions and what spot to put the climber mechanism on the frame of the robot. We have wheels and are battery box welded together. We have not come up with a name for the robot but we have discussed several Viking names, historical names and a few others. Our imagery team is working on a Super Secret Project for the pit.

We went to a Chamber of Commerce rewards night and helped set the tone for their luau by flying floating fish. Somehow, we’ve even found time for a sponsor visit in the past week! It’s lucky we love talking about robots!