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12/7/20 Update!

We are not currently meeting in person due to state regulations, we are trying our best to stay active through online and other opportunities! If you want to know how you can become a part of the team and our current Covid regulated shenanigans please contact us through Facebook (FIRST Robotics Team 1359) or Instagram (@scalawags1359). We are always thankful for new team members, mentors and sponsors!

How are we doing during Covid-19?

  • Glad to be meeting in person during these difficult times. (With safety precautions, of course:)
  • Currently working on our 2020 robot’s code, and improving our off season robot.
  • Still accepting new members who are interested, including some of our SWARM buddies! Join our family of fun Wednesdays 6-8 at the back of the high school. Wear a mask!
  • The Scalawags are proud to say we are still growing our Jr Robotics Club! 4-7th graders interested in science, technology, engineering, math should come join us on Dec 5th 2020 for some fun challenges.
  • We still hope to find a permanent home, and always accepting new sponsors!
  • Keep up with the Scalawags by following our social medias! Instagram: @scalawags1359
    Facebook: FIRST Robotics Team 1359