Thank you Sponsors!

Your support makes all of this possible!

How are we doing during Covid-19?

  • Glad to be meeting in person during these difficult times. (With safety precautions, of course:)
  • Currently working on our 2020 robot’s code, and improving our off season robot.
  • Still accepting new members who are interested, including some of our SWARM buddies! Join our family of fun Wednesdays 6-8 at the back of the high school. Wear a mask!
  • The Scalawags are proud to say we are still growing our Jr Robotics Club! 4-7th graders interested in science, technology, engineering, math should come join us on Dec 5th 2020 for some fun challenges.
  • We still hope to find a permanent home, and always accepting new sponsors!
  • Keep up with the Scalawags by following our social medias! Instagram: @scalawags1359
    Facebook: FIRST Robotics Team 1359