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JR Robotics January Edition

A record setting 22 budding engineers showed up for Jr Robotics at the Scalawags’ shop this morning. After watching the kick off video, they brainstormed ways to play the game. As soon as the creative juices were flowing, the young pirates sketched out ideas and built models of their design out of LEGOs.

When all ideas had been admired and explained, the Jr Robot crew walked down the hall to Team 1359’s shop and got an update on what the Scalawags have planned. Although they were not able to see any of our prototypes in action, the Jrs were excited to see that the competition robot will incorporate some of the same ideas as their LEGO models! Great minds think alike!

Infinite Recharge

Kick Off for 2020!

The team traveled to OSU bright and early this morning to learn about this year’s challenge. We are super excited about building a new robot to take on new tasks. If you haven’t watched the video yet, take a look and see what we’re up against:

After only half a day of brainstorming, some pirates have already broken off to prototype parts of the robot. Others are working on frame, and even thinking about the programming needs. The art team, of course, has already come up with incredible ideas for weaving the Infinite Recharge theme into our pit, costuming, and spirit work!

Arrrgh! We’ll stop in with pictures and more updates as we have them!