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The Scalawags are still slaving away on their latest masterpiece. Annie Snoakley has been a demanding mistress, but the team feels like they are finally getting a handle on her. After 2 weeks of liposuction, she is a slim and trim 125#. It’s a good thing, too, because there’s not many more places to drill a hole or lighten a bracket! Shout out to our local vet clinic, Faithful Friends, for making their scale available to us. That’s “weigh” easier for figuring out how much more she needs to lose!

Programming is continuing to debug and test. Team 1359 had really hoped to get some driving practice in before we left for our first event on Friday, but it was not meant to be! Instead, we’ll be running by the seat of our pants, learning as we go. Scrappy pirates like ourselves never shy away from a challenge such as that, and the team is excited about getting her out on the field.

The Scalawags will be competing in Auburn, WA, this weekend. We will post links to the twitch channel on our social media as soon as we know it. Tune in and cheer us on! It’s a little nerve wracking to be going so far away – we’ll be the only Oregon team there – but we are excited to reconnect with teams we don’t see often, and make some new friends while we’re at it! ARRRRRGH!

Faithful Friends’ dog scale works pretty well for robots!