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Scrimmage 2020

The team worked late on Valentine’s Day night – after a hearty dinner of nachos – to get the robot put together for Scrimmage the next day. All her parts and pieces came together… and most importantly, she gained a name. We are pleased to introduce Annie Snoakley. She was named for legendary sharp shooter Annie Oakley – continuing our recent tradition of borrowing the names of strong women – and Star Wars Supreme Leader Snoke – because some days you need just a hint of the Dark Side to get things done.

It took us until early afternoon, but we did get the robot on the field for Scrimmage this year! We were not able to test the ball handling system, but we learned that our motors were pretty peppy. So peppy, in fact, that she tipped on her first outing when Jo tried to change directions too quickly.

She mostly passed inspection… except for the pesky 20 pounds she will have to lose in the next few weeks. Looks like it’s celery and aerobics for Annie! We are hoping to get her slimmed down and shooting properly before next Sunday, when we have an opportunity for another informal scrimmage at DW Fritz’s practice field in Wilsonville. The team spent their President’s Day debugging the code, swapping out motors and gearboxes, and reworking our bumpers. All in a day’s work!