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Build Season – Part 1

The Scalawags have been hard at work in the shop since we watched the Kick Off video and received our kit of parts in Early January. At the end of our second week, we are well on our way! The fabricators started welding the frame today. Subsystems to handle the power cells, and shoot them at the target are in the final stages of prototyping. Programmers are using their test board to check their work, and the art team has already created an awesome replica of First City. All in all, we’ve been a very busy band of pirates.

Buttons will be made!
Nathan is filing edges to keep fingers from getting sliced.
The art team is making some awesome mascot costumes!
Showing new mentors the pirate way!
Finishing up the test board for programmers.
Testing the lift mechanism.
Kelli getting it done.
When the Art Team gets to spray paint on Day 2… it’s going to be a great year!
Programming is exhausting…

(If you missed the kick off video, you can see what obstacles we have to overcome here